Feelin’ the love…

Feelin’ the love at Monroe Primary School today! Art teacher Mrs. Janice Harris proposed the addition of a permanent art collection of work created by local artists for the school. I was selected by the students to sell them a painting for the inaugural piece for their collection. The students chipped in their change-lots and lots of quarters-to raise money to buy a painting. I sent photos of 4 paintings that were available. Again the students voted. Today I delivered the selected painting to the school and gave a little talk to the students and teachers. Imagine 500+ students and staff in the gym, hanging on your words and clapping and cheering. I’m not sure I remember feeling so loved. Thank you Mrs. Harris, and all the adorable and generous students of Monroe Primary School! I am so grateful. Here are a couple of photos to remember the day. It’s great to get out of the studio once in a while!



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