When your work is in the windows of Macy’s Fountain Place…

Have you been to 5th Street Gallery yet? It is now INSIDE Macy’s Fountain Place. Yes, INSIDE Macy’s-right across the street from Fountain Square in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. When I tell people where we are located, they still don’t understand that it is inside the Macy’s store. We have a beautiful space on the 5th Street side of the building that is located along the windows. You have to see it to believe it. Wall space is at a premium due to all the windows, so, Mark made some hanging panels to hang in front of the windows and display large paintings. It’s fun to work in the gallery and watch people’s reactions when they are strolling by. They are walking by, look in, see the bright colors, and stop. Often they come in the doors which are conveniently located just to the south side of our windows. They can’t believe we are inside the Macy’s store.

We have been in this new home for 6 months and are finally starting to feel at home. There are 22 members in our group and we all take turns working shifts in the gallery. We each work about one shift a week. Our hours are 11-7 Tuesday-Saturday and 12:30-4:30 on Sunday. If you enter the store from any door but the 5th Street door, just find cosmetics/fragrances on the ground level and we are directly across from fragrances. The management of Macy’s has welcomed us warmly. We are lovingly called “Macy’s Made Local.”

I admit, it makes me so proud when I walk by to see my work hanging in the windows of such a grand and iconic Cincinnati place.

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