“That State Up North”

Something new for this Buckeye artist. My work is now available at the Ann Arbor Art Center! I applied to show in their Holiday Showcase and was accepted! Yesterday I drove to Ann Arbor (and back) to deliver 16 pieces to the gallery space. It’s a 3-floor building right in the heart of the retail area of the town. It’s just down the street from loads of coffee shops, restaurants, and even a Cherry Republic. I was impressed by the quality of the work in the gallery. There is a second-floor gallery space and the third floor is dedicated to classrooms. I would love to teach my workshop there next summer. We will see what develops.

Yesterday was my first time in Ann Arbor. I have heard about the big house all of my life. After I dropped off my work, I could not resist driving the few blocks to Michigan Stadium. BeingĀ a Sunday, it was empty. That was probably good for me as I was attired in scarlet and gray. Impromptu OH followed… you get the idea. Stay tuned as I think there will be more to this story.


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