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Feelin’ the love…

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Feelin’ the love at Monroe Primary School today! Art teacher Mrs. Janice Harris proposed the addition of a permanent art collection of work created by local artists for the school. I was selected by the students to sell them a painting for the inaugural piece for their collection. The students chipped in their change-lots and lots of quarters-to raise money to buy a painting. I sent photos of 4 paintings that were available. Again the students voted. Today I delivered the selected painting to the school and gave a little talk to the students and teachers. Imagine 500+ students and staff in the gym, hanging on your words and clapping and cheering. I’m not sure I remember feeling so loved. Thank you Mrs. Harris, and all the adorable and generous students of Monroe Primary School! I am so grateful. Here are a couple of photos to remember the day. It’s great to get out of the studio once in a while!



What a beautiful Flower Show!

Monday, April 18th, 2016

IMG_4982         IMG_5098                     IMG_5022 IMG_5020                            IMG_5080                      IMG_5094

Another  Cincinnati Horticultural Society Flower Show is in the books! The Artists’ Village was certainly a hit this year. The comments were resoundingly positive and sales hit an all-time high. We had a great time greeting hundreds of visitors, discussing our work and finding new homes for our art. The weather could not have been more perfect. Blue skies, stunning river views and blooms of all kinds made it a week to remember. This year’s team of artists could not have displayed more varied and beautiful work. Everyone pitched in and worked hard to make the week successful. Thank you to all 14 artists! We could not have done it without each and every one of you. Here are some photos of the Artists’ Village and the beautiful venue at Yeatman’s Cove. See you next year!!!


IMG_5104 IMG_5072 IMG_5028 IMG_5064 IMG_4997 IMG_5071

It’s time for the Cincinnati Flower Show!

Monday, March 21st, 2016

April 13-17th plan to visit the banks of the Ohio River at Yeatman’s Cove for the Cincinnati Horticultural Society Flower Show. Back for another year, the Flower Show promises to be bigger and better than ever. New additions to the events calendar are a wedding show, sister city participation and lots of new restaurant venues. The tickets are going fast. Last year an estimated 16,000 people attended the reinvented show. This year a whopping 40,000 are predicted for the 5 day event. Wow.

The Artists’ Studio will be located just inside the main gate. Nancy Neville and I have selected 14 of the area’s finest artists to participate. There will be watercolor, oil, and, of course, mixed media paintings (mine.) Also included in the show are: fiber art, glass work, jewelry and ceramics. All the artists have been hand-picked for their excellence. They are excited to exhibit in this exciting venue and are hard at work on unique nature-related creations.

Here are some of my new pieces that will be available at the show. All are 18″ x 18″ and available for purchase at the show. Please come to visit us any day of the show from 9-6. We will also be open for the Opening Night Gala on April 12th from 5-9PM. See you on the river!!!!In the Garden




Yellow Roses

Bucket List

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

It’s important to have a bucket list. Professionally, I have a long list of things I would like to accomplish. Study with nationally acclaimed artists-check. Have my work purchased by commercial customers-check. Show my work in a stunning gallery with another artist whose work I greatly admire-soon to be realized. One month from today is the opening of my 2 person show at Art Access Gallery with Frank Satogata.

The show is titled “Kaleidoscope.” The definition of Kaleidoscope is: “A continually changing pattern of shapes and colors.” Further explanation of the show is: “The work of Susan Mahan and Frank Satogata embodies the meaning of the word Kaleidoscope. Floral subject matter assumes a secondary role to the ever-shifting colors, views and patterns. Vibrant hues, fragmented color fields and unusual perspective beg the viewer to take a second look.”

February 12 is the opening of the show. You are invited to join the celebration of this body of work. The gallery will be filled with over 40 pieces of new work. Each of us has interpreted a single photo. An installation of cropped images of our paintings printed on metal is also a highlight of the show.

My half of the show includes 21 new pieces. You may notice that my work continues to change and evolve. All photos are now being used as the paper source. It is exciting to explore this new technique. The work takes on a more expressive, painterly and impressionistic look. The addition of fine line painted detail over the paper adds additional visual interest.  Visual tension between the loose paper work and the tight details painted over the paper adds areas of focus for the viewer to study. All pieces are heavily varnished which makes the paper edges disappear and take on the look of paint.

Please consider attending the opening from 5-8 PM at Art Access Gallery in Bexley, OH.

Here is a sneak peek of a couple of my new pieces included in the show. follow the yellow brick road

 Freeze Warning

“Art at the X” update

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Last night was the opening of Xavier University’s biannual exhibition “Art at the X.” This piece, “Dancing in the Rain #3,” won one of the two awards presented by Matt Distel, curator of the Carnegie Arts Center. It was an honor to accept the award. Many arts educators were in attendance as well as teaching professionals, current and retired. It is a small but good show and will be in the university art gallery through September.FullSizeRender (2)

“Art at the X”

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

August 28th the Xavier University Art Gallery will host “Art at the X.”  This year’s theme celebrates high school art teachers from around the country in this juried exhibition. It is such a privilege to be included in this show. Not only was it a tough jury by Matt Distel, the theme is near and dear to my heart. I thank XU for deciding to honor teachers. Too often in the art world, teachers are not given the credit they deserve for being artists as well as educators. Their work is often not taken seriously. It’s all about the “those who can… ” mentality. Not only are high school art teachers gifted artists, they are inspiring young people to love art. Many of these students will go on to work in the fields of graphic design, fashion, education and so many more areas of creative expression. Schools are cutting art budgets and reducing the number of art classes. The state mandates are all but eliminating art requirements in music, PE and visual arts. I applaud Xavier for making their stand regarding the value of art obvious by devoting their beautiful gallery space to the work of high school art educators, past and present. I hope you will join me at the opening. Here are my selected pieces. They are each 36″ x 36″ and mixed media. Best Day Ever

Dancing in the Rain 2

Above the Clouds

Art Comes Alive at ADC, Art Design Consultants

Friday, June 26th, 2015

Last Friday night was filled with excitement, awards, drinks and of course, great art! Lisa Spanos knows how to throw a party! Her gallery was filled to capacity with food, flowers, drinks and artists, all eager to see the show and find out the results of the awards and contracts. Many of my friends were included in the show, so it was fun to see them and their work. We had a great time. I was honored to come home with the award “Architectural Artist of the Year.” That was a surprise for me. I normally consider myself a “floral and still life artist,” so it was rewarding to be recognized for my newer work. Here are a few photos from the night. Sorry you missed it. Next year you may want to consider getting a ticket for summer’s hottest show & party in town.

(pictured below are Frank Satogata, Mark and Trish Weeks.)

IMG_1851 IMG_1868 IMG_1884 IMG_5566 IMG_5590

Cincinnati Children’s Open House

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Last Saturday was the Open House at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The purpose of the event was to unveil the new research facility, known as Location T. Over 600 pieces of original art are placed in this massive building. I took the opportunity to greet guests as well as snap some photos of my work that is now installed in its new home. The building was a huge undertaking.  Kolar Design, ADC- Art Design Consultants, and Art Academy of Cincinnati Community Education Department did a wonderful job getting the art installations just right. Several of my pieces are now coated with resin which makes them easy to maintain. I also took the time to go to B-1 Radiology to see “Beneath the Surface,” my 8′ mural, installed and framed. I had not seen it framed and resin coated. It was a little overwhelming to see my work in such a magnificent place. Because the bulk of my previous work for Cincinnati Children’s is inaccessible for me to view in the NICU unit, I had not previously seen my work installed. What a blessing to create work for the community of Cincinnati Children’s. I only hope that it will bring a smile to a child or parent who has to be there for treatment. When I retired from teaching I never dreamed that I would be fortunate enough to create work for such a loving and caring place. All the artists, designers and galleries who put their talents to such good work should be so proud. Thank you Kolar Design and the Art Academy of Cincinnati Community Education Department for such a rare and worthwhile opportunity.Amazon Rainforest inspiration Global Garden B1 Radiology waiting room "Beneath the Surface" 8' mural Rainforest inspiration Global Garden "Beneath the Surface" mural in B-1 Radiology

2015 Flower Show was a complete success

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

What a wonderful reinvention of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society Flower Show! The new venue, Yeatman’s Cove, proved to be the perfect choice to showcase the exhibits, vendors and of course, The Artists’ Studio. Just inside the main gate, 13 local artists exhibited their stunning work under a big tent. Painters, fiber artists, glass artists and ceramics artists all came together to show the best of Cincinnati’s local art. Hundreds of people filled the tent each day from 9AM to 6PM. We had a great time and lots of pieces were sold to new patrons. All in all, it was a wonderful week. Rain and shine, we pulled together. Next year, God willing, we will be back-even bigger and better! Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the show. Here are some snapshots:
IMG_0738 IMG_0766 IMG_0773
IMG_4875 IMG_4877 IMG_4879 IMG_4882 IMG_4912 IMG_4921

Sneak Peek of new work for Cincinnati Children’s

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Global Family is the theme for artwork for the new research facility at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital  Medical Center. Six artists have been selected to create over 30 pieces of varied work. There will be: oil, fiber, mosaic and acrylics and mixed media used as the materials for these works. I just finished 5 pieces of mixed media work. My theme is Global Garden. Two of my pieces are large “flowering” trees made of paint, paper and photo transfers of iconic imagery of people and places around the globe. The other three are a triptych of imagery inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. These pieces also incorporate photo transfers of people and creatures indigenous to the Rainforest. Here are photos of the works which will be delivered in a week and look for their installation next month. I hope you enjoy them! You are the first to view them! Thanks for visiting my site! See you at the Flower Show next month!


Global Garden Trees  Global Garden-Tree



MahanAmazonDragonfly  MahanAmazonButterflies MahanAmazonBird